Laser Treatment Information

Dark Spots/Age Spots Starting at $75.00
Intense Pulsed Light devices remove brown spots and patches from the skin by selectively targeting the melanin and melanocyte, leaving the other cells in the skin untouched. This unique feature is why these procedures are the safest and most effective treatment choice for removing brown sun damage spots from the skin.
When your pigmented lesion is treated with IPL, the lesion will darken, sometimes within minutes and / or up to a few hours subsequent to treatment. Over a period of time (usually 8-10 days) the lesion will dry out and slough off. For darker pigmented areas, the lesion may simply fade on the first treatment and then require a subsequent treatment.

*If your face is abundant with pigmentation, you will want a photo-facial rejuvenation treatment. If you have specific spots, (sun spots), we treat by lesion.

Redness/Rosacea $150.00
During your first treatment there are significant changes in your skin’s appearance. These improvements will steadily increase with each visit. To achieve optimal results, a series of three to five+ treatments may be needed, depending on the degree of vascularity at the site.There is no post-recovery or discomfort, with the exception of some redness. A flushed appearance may also be present, these symptoms will soon fade away and what’s left is a younger, clearer, calmer, less flushed looking skin.


  • No post-recovery or discomfort
  • Clearer, calmer, less flushed looking skin
  • Coagulate vascular conditions (spider veins)
  • Treatment is painless
  • This facial treatment combines IPL treatment of the whole face with the new Ultra Calming Facial treatment.

Acne/Folliculitis Starting at $100.00
The Intense Pulsed Light system releases yellow, green and red light that is emitted in a series of short pulses. The yellow / green light destroys the P. bacteria that live in the skin and cause inflammation, while the red light directly targets the overactive sebaceous glands that cause outbreaks of pustules.This targeted heating deep in the skin causes shrinkage of the inflamed sebaceous glands and helps to prevent over-production of excess sebum. The light also stimulates collagen production to help resolve the acne scarring.IPL, “Intense Pulse Light” is one of the safest acne treatments available … proven to be extremely effective on moderate inflammatory acne. With the IPL system having FDA clearance for the treatment of acne, this new light-based therapy is now revolutionizing the treatment of it.


  • Destroys the most common P. bacteria that causes acne
  • Treats acne without drugs
  • Treats acne without pain
  • There is no downtime

Treatment includes:

  • Consultation and Skin Analysis
  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Extractions(If needed)
  • IPL treatment
  • Eminence Organic Calm or Clear Mask
  • Appropriate Serums, Moisturizer and SPF

Spider Veins/Broken Capillaries starting at $75.00
IPL treatment for small spider veins destroys capillaries and excess blood that has leaked into the skin. Because the pulses of light are controlled and precise, they can treat the spider veins successfully without affecting surrounding tissue. The pulses of light emit heat that selectively damages or destroys abnormal veins. Eventually, the treated veins are absorbed by the body and disappear.

Photo Rejuvenation $200.00
The Photo-Facial is a treatment breakthrough that can correct many skin conditions without down time, creating clearer, more vibrant and youthful skin through a process called Photo-Rejuvenation. Longer wave lengths are applied to the skin in order to destroy old collagen and stimulate the production of new collagen, leading to firmer, softer skin.. One to five sessions are recommended. Most commonly treated areas include the face, neck and chest; however, other popular areas include the back of the hands, arms, legs and even the back.


  • Improves sun damage and wrinkled skin
  • Removes brown age and liver spots (lentigines)
  • Removes freckles
  • Removes broken capillaries/redness of the face, neck and chest
  • Reduces the redness of rosacea
  • No down time
  • Minimal risk
  • Permanent reduction of unwanted hair
  • Stimulates new collagen synthesis to improve skin tone

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Uni-brow  –  $50
Upper Lip  –  $50
Chin  –  $60
Cheeks/Jawline  –  $75
Front of Neck  –  $75
Areolas  –  $50
Chest  –  Starting at $150
Shoulders  –  $50
Back  –  Starting at $150
Back of Neck  –  $75
Bikini  –  $100
French Bikini  –  $150
Brazilian  –  $200
Lower Legs  –  $150
Upper Legs  –  $150
Full legs  –  $250
Under Arms  –  $70
Lowerarms  –  $100
Upper Arms  –  $100
Full Arms  –  $175
Happy Trail  –  $75
Hands  –  $60
Feet  –  $60
Toes  –  $50

Packages available.